Welcome to Mechanical Engineering Discipline at Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar!

We aim to produce graduates who not only have the knowledge and skills to become successful engineers and scientists of the future, but also well-rounded personalities who are uncompromising on ethics, contribute to society, are respectful of and can adapt to their surroundings, and prove themselves to be great thinkers and problem solvers in all avenues of life.

Our students receive outstanding education in the core areas of Mechanical Engineering, which include thermofluid sciences, solid mechanics, design and manufacturing, materials science, and controls and dynamics. The curriculum has a significant component of humanities and social sciences, course in life sciences, exposure to design and creativity, and provides flexibility to the students. We also strive to create a friendly and progressive atmosphere for students to interact and learn.

Research in Mechanical Engineering are in the areas of  fluid mechanics, energy systems, combustion and energetic materials, bio- and nano materials, solid mechanics, design and control of mechanical systems, and manufacturing.A large number of students undergo summer internships in reputed academic institutes and industry. The academic institutes include John Hopkins University, California Institute of Technology, University of Rhodes Island, Laboratoire TREFLE Ensam France, Washington University St. Louie, NUS Singapore, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Notre Dame, Texas A&M, University of Strathclyde, University of Washington, EPFL France, Duke University, Clemson University, UC Merced, Institute of High Performance Computing, Singapore, A*STAR (EPGC) Singapore. Students also pursue internship in industries including Tata motors, HMT, Fluidyn, UL Lab, Boeing, IBM India, Thermax and Electrotherm.

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